Madame Brasserie restaurant at Eiffel Tower - what to expect, tickets, prices, menu, things to remember (2023)




Nestled at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Madame Brasserie is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a cozy family meal.

The restaurant is a delightful French brasserie that promises to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Parisian cuisine.

So why not treat yourself to a night of French indulgence at Madame Brasserie in all its glory with its delicious cuisine, breathtaking views, and unbeatable ambiance?

Madame Brasserie restaurant at Eiffel Tower - what to expect, tickets, prices, menu, things to remember (1)


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What to expect at Madame Brasserie

Madame Brasserie is more than just a restaurant – it’s an experience.

With its chic decor and elegant ambiance, the Madame Brasserie offers a quintessentially French dining experience that will leave you feeling pampered and indulged.

The lavish menu at Madame Brasserie is designed by chef Thierry Marx, who creates modern French dishes as a celebration of France’s rich and diverse culinary heritage.

Every dish is a feast for the senses, prepared with love and care using the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets and artisanal producers.

The menu changes regularly to reflect the best seasonal ingredients and includes a wine list featuring some of the best vintages from France and beyond.

A highlight of dining at Madame Brasserie is the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower’s inner workings, whether you choose to sit inside the cozy restaurant or in the charming lounge.

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You will be offered an unparalleled view of some remarkable landmarks, like the Seine, the lively Place du Trocadéro, the Bois de Boulogne Forest as the sun sets, and the skyscrapers of La Défense business district in the distance.

The attentive and friendly staff are always on hand to make your visit unforgettable, whether by recommending the perfect wine pairing or by regaling you with stories of the Eiffel Tower’s fascinating history.

If you time your reservation just right, you may even catch the twinkling lights of the Tower as they come to life at night.

Takaisin alkuun

Where to buy Madame Brasserie tickets

To visit the Madame Brasserie Restaurant, you can either book a refined dinner, 6.30 pm dinner or a lunch at the famed restaurant.

To book a table, select a date, number of guests, and time slot.

You will also be provided with a choice of a seating area, menu, and occasion for a perfect arrangement for you and your company.

The €18 cost of ascent to the restaurant on the first floor by lift will be added to your booking amount.

When you arrive at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the day of your reservation, head to Entrance 1 with your booking confirmation in the queue dedicated to the Brasserie (indicated by specific signs).

To reach the first floor, go to the reception of Madame Brasserie on the forecourt to collect your lift ticket.

Since Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most popular tourist spots, you must expect long queues, which can be quite a killjoy.

The online method of booking your tickets is in visitors’ best interest as it helps you save time and avail unmissable discounts and offers.

Online tickets are cheaper because you don’t pay a ticketing window surcharge.

When you book your tickets in advance, the tickets are time-stamped so that you can easily plan the rest of your tour.

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Lisäksi liput myydään usein loppuun nopeammin kuin uskotkaan.

So, book your tickets online to avoid such last-minute disappointments and head to a stress-free day out with your partner, friends, or family.

For ten or more people, Reservations can be made on Madame Brasserie’s Yhteydenottolomake.

Madame Brasserie Restaurant entry tickets

Be a class apart at the Madame Brasserie with delicious food, stunning views, and a luxurious ambiance.

Koska toinen kerros is the entry ticket to Madame Brasserie, you can explore the historical spiral staircase, glass floors, and other wondrous attractions on the ensimmäinen kerros of the Eiffel Tower.

You can also shop from Katos – the largest collection of Eiffel Tower reproductions and the Seine Gift Shop on the second floor.

Mitä Madame Brasseriessa tarjoillaan

The Madame Brasserie’s menu is sophisticatedly curated by chef Thierry Marx to give your gustatory senses a joyride.

From private or business breakfast to dinner and drinks and a separate children’s menu- there’s something for everyone at the Madame Brasserie. Bon appétit!

Parisian Breakfast: From 10 am to 12 pm

No reservation and only the presentation of an already booked ascension ticket are required.


First service – 12 pm
Second service – 1.30 pm


Klo 3-6
No reservation and only the presentation of an already booked ascension ticket are required.


First service – 6.30 pm
Second service – 9 pm
Joka viikonpäivä
We strongly recommend that you make a reservation for lunch and dinner.

Muut palvelut

To enhance your experience at the Madame Brasserie restaurant, you can avail of the following palvelut by reserving them at least 48 hours in advance:

Syntymäpäivät: € 25 per henkilö

  • A slice of chocolate birthday cake and nuts (Not suitable for vegans or people allergic to nuts)
  • A birthday candle with a “Happy Birthday” chocolate plaque.
  • A glass of champagne

For a minimum of two people
Non-customizable plate

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Juhla: € 30 per henkilö

  • A glass of champagne
  • A printed photo

Wedding proposal: € 30 per henkilö

  • A glass of champagne
  • A Madame Brasserie plate
  • A printed photo

For a minimum of two people

All Champagne: € 20 per henkilö

  • Half a bottle of champagne per person instead of wine

For a minimum of two people

Takaisin alkuun

Things to remember about the Madame Brasserie

Remember to arrive at the Eiffel Tower 30 minutes before your reservation.

If you have special dietary expectations or requirements, convey the same to the restaurant via the Yhteydenottolomake.

For dinner, you need to wear proper attire.

Avoid sportswear, jogging, running shoes, and flip-flops.

You can privatize the entire restaurant under certain conditions and subject to availability by specifying your requirements on the Madame Brasserie contact form.

The restaurant offers special menus for certain holidays, like December 31st and February 14th, on advance bookings.

FAQs about the Madame Brasserie Eiffel Tower

Here are some frequently asked questions about Madame Brasserie.

What are the timings of Madame Brasserie?

The restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm, all days of the week.

Can we smoke at Madame Brasserie?

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No, you cannot smoke in any part of The Eiffel Tower as it is a completely non-smoking area.
The use of electronic cigarettes is also prohibited.

Can I cancel my reservation at Madame Brasserie?

Yes, you can cancel reservations for up to 10 people at no extra cost up to 3 days before your reservation date.

Can I make modifications to my booking at Madame Brasserie?

Yes, you can modify your reservation at no extra cost up to 7 days before your reservation date.
If you make changes to your reservation between 3 and 7 days before the reservation date, you will be charged for the ascension tickets for the original date and those for the new date.

Where can I collect my ascent ticket to Madame Brasserie from?

Head to the reception area near the North Pillar to get your ascent ticket for the Eiffel Tower.

Can I bring my pet to Madame Brasserie?

No, you cannot bring any animals to the Eiffel Tower except for assistance or service animals.

Can people with special needs or disabilities go to visit Madame Brasserie?

Yes, people with reduced mobility can access the restaurant through the restaurant’s elevators.

Kuinka hyödyllinen tämä viesti oli?

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How much is it to eat at Madame Brasserie? ›

The Madame Brasserie menu

Lunch menu (starter, main and dessert) from €48 - Two services at 12 pm and 1.30 pm – reservation strongly recommended. Dinner menu (starter, main and dessert) from €90 - Two services at 6.30 pm and 9 pm – reservation strongly recommended.

How expensive is the food on the Eiffel Tower? ›

The new brasserie style at Madame Brasserie

At lunchtime, savor the typical Parisian brasserie experience with views over the French capital. Choose between the Brasserie menu (from €48 per person, not including drinks) or the Madame menu (from €69 per person, not including drinks).

Is there a dress code for Madame Brasserie Eiffel Tower? ›

Is there a specific dress code for coming to the Brasserie? For dinner, a proper attire is required (are not allowed : sportswear, jogging, running shoes, flip-flops).

Is it worth it to eat in the Eiffel Tower? ›

The Eiffel Tower restaurants provide guests with the best view in all of Paris. Meals run on the expensive side, but when you factor in the advantage of skipping the long entry line and the overall once in a lifetime opportunity of dining in the Eiffel Tower - the experience is well worth the cost.

What is the most expensive menu restaurant in the world? ›

This is the most expensive restaurant in the world, and it will cost you over $2,000 a head. With an average price of $2,400 a head, Sublimotion in Ibiza is the most expensive restaurant in the world. A voyage through food, time and space.

What does it cost to eat at the French Laundry? ›

FAQ: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO DINE AT THE FRENCH LAUNDRY? The French Laundry costs $350 per person to dine and there are two set menus, the Chef's Tasting (meat and seafood) and the Tasting of Vegetables. It's 9 courses, not including the opening "appetizers", aka Amuse Bouche.

How much money do you need for food per day in Paris? ›

The Cost of Food in France

In France, you can expect to spend around €25-40 per day on meals. However, this amount will vary based on a number of factors, including which city you visit and where you choose to eat.

How much is it to go to the tip of the Eiffel Tower? ›

Eiffel tower ticket prices
Ticket with access lift The topAdult RateChild Rate(1) (aged 4-11)
This ticket grants access to the top via two lifts.

How much is a good dinner in Paris? ›

TypeAverage PricePrice Range
Meal for one at an inexpensive restaurant€14.00€10.00 - €15.00
Meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant (3 courses)€50.00€35.00 - €70.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent combo meal)€8.00€7.50 - €9.00
Cappuccino (regular)€3.42€2.00 - €4.50
Jun 10, 2022

Do they wear jeans in Paris? ›

French women and Parisian women, in general, are known for their impeccable taste in fashion and that includes when wearing jeans. Over the years, jeans have become a classic staple in the Parisian women's closet and French fashion.

What should I wear to dinner in Paris? ›

When in doubt, always go with a simple black dress for dinner in Paris. Whether you are going to a Michelin-starred restaurant or a bistro, a black dress will always be appropriate.

What is the best time of day to go to the Eiffel Tower? ›

In general, to feel more comfortable, start your visit early in the morning (before 10:30am) or at the end of the day after 5 PM, or even in the evening.

Can you bring food into the Eiffel Tower? ›

There are no picnic areas on the Eiffel Tower and visitors cannot take glass bottles or cans of drink up the Tower. However a reasonable quantity of drink and food is allowed (at the discretion of the staff). There are also cafés on the parvis, the 1st floor and the 2nd floor.

Is it worth going to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower? ›

If you can find tickets to see the Eiffel Tower summit, you should 100% go up to see it. Absolutely. The views of Paris from that height after ascending the tower on a glass elevator are unparalleled. If you go to the summit in the day, we recommend spending around 2 hours at the tower and consider eating a meal there.

What is the most expensive menu item? ›

1. Grand Velas Tacos $25,000. The most expensive dish in the world, this taco features Kobe Beef, Almas Beluga Caviar & Black Truffle Brie Cheese and is served on a gold flake-infused corn tortilla.

What is an extravagant meal? ›

The extravagant meal is a miscellaneous furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. As a miscellaneous item, it can be placed on either the ground or on the surfaces of tables and other similar furniture items that have surfaces for items.

Which is the No 1 restaurant in the world? ›

Best restaurants
2017Eleven Madison ParkOsteria Francescana
2018Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
16 more rows

Can you wear jeans to French laundry? ›

You should know that jackets are required for men (ties optional). I don't think they have specific "rules" for women, but jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, and t-shirts are not permitted in the dining room. I would definitely recommend erring on the side of more formal/semiformal, like a dress and heels (or nicer shoes).

Do you tip at French laundry? ›

The tip is included in the bill. But if you feel inclined to butter your waiter and add more gratuity, please do so. They won't decline.

What is the dress code at The French Laundry? ›

Dress code for The French Laundry

This is an upscale restaurant, so dress accordingly. Wearing shorts, T-shirts, denim and other casual wear is not the norm. Bring out your formals for lunch or dinner–these include jackets for men although ties are optional.

Do I tip for meals in Paris? ›

You won't need to calculate a tip. Not a major one, anyway. As opposed to the U.S., where most waiters make their living from tips, servers in Paris are paid a living wage. And since service is already included in the price, no one is expecting you to tack on an additional 20 to 25 percent at the end of the meal.

Do I have to tip in Paris? ›

It is polite to tip your waiter/waitress. However, bills in France include a service charge, and any extra is discretionary. The staff doesn't rely as heavily on tips as they do in the US, for example.

How much is a cup of coffee in Paris? ›

The average price for a coffee in Paris (on around 120 cafes) is 2.48 euros. The cheapest coffee in Paris costs 0.80 euros at T-Kawa (13th arrondissement). The most expensive coffee in Paris costs 12 euros at WINDO Skybar (17th arrondissement).

How long does it take to walk up the Eiffel Tower stairs? ›

It will take you around 15 to 20 minutes to climb one floor. Those keen for a sports challenge can try to make it in under 10 minutes per floor! Did you know? Great athletes can climb the stairs all the way from the ground to the top in less than 10 minutes!

How long do you spend at the top of the Eiffel Tower? ›

It is advisable to plan a visiting time of at least 1 1/2 hours for visit to the 1st and 2nd floors and 2 1/2 hours for a visit to the top. Your visiting time will also depend of your choice of way to ascent from the ground to the second floor : by lift or stairs.

Can you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower from the restaurant? ›

If you would like to visit the upper floors, we invite you to do so before your meal, after purchasing your tickets on the Eiffel tower ticketing website.

How much cash should I bring to Paris? ›

Bring 100€-200€ in cash with you to Paris to cover small expenses, tips, and perhaps a cab ride into the city. Use a credit or debit card from a bank with low or no foreign transaction fees to charge most other purchases while in Paris, such as restaurant meals and any shopping you might do.

What is the most famous meal in Paris? ›

The croissant is a must-eat in Paris and – thanks to its unique shape and taste – the most famous food in Paris. It is the perfect French staple for breakfast, and a perfect buttery snack at any time of the day.

How to eat cheap in Paris? ›

Paris on a Budget: 10 Tips to Spend Less For Great Food
  1. Eat out at lunch instead of dinner. ...
  2. Opt for 'une formule', which is a set menu. ...
  3. Order wine by the glass. ...
  4. Beware of sodas and sparkling waters. ...
  5. Go to the bar inside a café to have your coffee. ...
  6. Order “à emporter” ...
  7. Avoid “le brunch” ...
  8. Eat like a Parisian.
Jun 9, 2021

Do they wear sneakers in Paris? ›

If you were wondering if French women wear sneakers —and even in the streets of Paris, the answer is: yes, definitely! Sneakers or trainers are an essential shoe style that is found in every French woman's closet. If you went to Paris, you might have seen that uncomfortable high heels are not very “French”.

Do they wear flip flops in Paris? ›

Most Parisians do not wear sandals on the streets! Instead, you'll see most of them wearing sneakers or boots.

Can I wear jeans to dinner in Paris? ›

Jeans (besides dark or black-wash) are usually safest to avoid. I'd recommend a skirt, tights, and a nice blouse—paired with either boots or heels. If you're ever unsure of what would be allowed, opt for semi-formal attire: a dress or skirt (always with tights) or slacks.

Are jeans OK for a fancy dinner? ›

Fine Dining

Unless you're hitting up one of those fancy restaurants with a strict dress code, dark denim is a solid choice for a “nice, but not too fancy” dinner out for both men and women.

Do you seat yourself at a brasserie? ›

You can often just seat yourself if you see a table open unless otherwise indicated. At more popular or busy places, you might notice a host or waiter seating people. This is also the case at fancier restaurants where you might need to make a reservation ahead of time.

Can I wear sneakers to dinner in Paris? ›

You may be able to get away with a sneaker in Paris at some restaurants but if you have time to change before dinner I would. They definitely should be smart and clean if you do wear sneakers but personally I would recommend changing into a different shoe for dinner.

What should I bring to dinner in France? ›

What To Bring To A French Dinner Party. As a guest, it's always polite to bring either a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, a bottle of Champagne, something homemade, or some artisanal food such as chocolates. If you bring a bottle of wine, opt for a French one (either white, red or rosé).

Can you wear shorts to dinner in France? ›

France is a free country, you can wear shorts in Paris anytime and anywhere, except perhaps in high-end restaurants with dress codes, or possibly religious institutions that prohibit bare legs (or shoulders). Now, just because you can wear shorts, does it mean you're stylish?

What days does the Eiffel Tower sparkle? ›

Every evening, the Eiffel Tower is adorned with its golden covering and sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour, while its beacon shines over Paris.

What time will the Eiffel Tower sparkle? ›

And what about the sparkles? Here is the answer to all your questions. The Tower lights and beacon are lit up every evening from dusk until 11.45pm. As soon as it gets dark, the Eiffel Tower's golden lighting switches on automatically within less than 10 minutes, thanks to light-sensitive twilight sensors.

How long is the queue for Eiffel Tower? ›

Climb 700 steps to the second floor and still wait for another 30-45 minutes. While you can take the stairs to the second floor, you still have to wait in a line. However, the waiting time for this line is approximately 30 minutes, a far cry from the elevator line.

Can I bring a bag to the Eiffel Tower? ›

There are no luggage lockers, storage or cloakrooms in or near the Eiffel Tower. A luggage sizer indicating the maximum size is available for visitors at the security checks prior to entering the monument. Any luggage exceeding this size will not be accepted.

What do you wear to dinner at the Eiffel Tower? ›

Dress code: formal attire. Shorts (including Bermuda shorts) and sportswear are not allowed. Your gastronomic experience begins as soon as you arrive at the Eiffel Tower with a dedicated welcome and a private elevator reserved exclusively for guests at Le Jules Verne to take you to the second floor.

What can't you bring to the Eiffel Tower? ›

There is no left luggage office at the Eiffel Tower. You are reminded that in accordance with our rules: It is not allowed to bring and use rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, overboards, or any other large rolling object (except foldable pushchairs, medical or assistance vehicles for persons with reduced mobility).

Which floor is best in Eiffel Tower? ›

From the 2nd floor you take another lift which takes you to the top of the Tower. We strongly recommend a visit to the 1st floor where there is a great visitor experience with cultural and entertaining displays to deepen and enhance your experience at the Eiffel Tower.

Is it worth just going to 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower? ›

You will enjoy clear views of all of the French capital's monuments: the Louvre, Grand Palais, the bends in the Seine, Montmartre, Invalides, Notre Dame, etc. But the 2nd floor is also a treat for your taste buds with our Michelin-starred restaurant, the Jules Verne.

What is the average cost of a meal at Hell's Kitchen? ›

Your dining experience will start at the cost between $150 - $200 per person depending on the menu and meal.

How much is Plaza Brasserie buffet? ›

Plaza Brasserie presents “Treasures of The Sea”, a seafood themed all-you-can-eat dinner buffet ($68++) spread that features live stations cooking fresh seafood, mostly of the Asian style.

Does Madame Brasserie have a Michelin star? ›

Enjoy a sumptuous 3-course meal — served by a Michelin-starred chef — as you soak in the views of the City of Lights. Reservations for Madame Brasserie are available on-request only.

How much is dinner at Providence LA? ›

There's three different tasting menus at Providence ranging in price from $120 - $200, plus another $165 - $325 for wine pairing. Pricey, yes, but not over the top for a restaurant of this caliber.

Can I wear jeans to Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas? ›

The dress code at Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen is business casual. This is a contemporary bar and restaurant, so you want to look nice. Skip the jeans and athletic wear, and definitely don't wear your flip-flops. When dressing for dinner, it's also wise to consider what you'll be doing after your meal.

How much does a waiter at Hell's Kitchen make? ›

Salaries by years of experience in Hell's Kitchen, NY
Years of experiencePer hour
1 to 2 years$15.01
3 to 5 years-
6 to 9 years$17.36
More than 10 years-
1 more row

Do people need to pay to eat at Hells Kitchen during season? ›

How much will it cost me to eat at Hell's Kitchen? It's free to eat there, though you have to apply/call/email for tickets. It helps if you know someone directly associated with FOX, though you may have to wait a couple of seasons.

Is buffet dinner unlimited? ›

Thanks to its versatility, varied food options and unlimited servings at a reasonable price, buffets continue to be one of the most popular choices for customers.

How much is the Paris buffet? ›

Available every day of the week from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., breakfast is available for $21.99. Lunch, from Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., costs guests $24.99. Dinner, served every day from 3:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., sets patrons back $29.99.

Does the Paris buffet have crab legs? ›

Does Le Village Buffet have crab legs? Yes, they serve snow crab legs at the brunch and dinner buffet.

What are the 2 restaurants in the Eiffel Tower? ›

There are two restaurants at the Eiffel Tower, for which bookings can be made separately to a visit of the Tower: the legendary Jules Verne, a Michelin-starred restaurant by Frédéric Anton on the second floor, and Madame Brasserie, a new Parisian venue headed by Chef Thierry Marx on the first floor.

Who owns Madame Brasserie? ›

As a committed culinary craftsman, Thierry Marx believes in cooking that transmits values. He believes that my cuisine, brasserie cuisine, has a role to play in the 21st century: transmitting his philosophy of sharing and conviviality, whilst contributing to the contemporary movement for sustainability.

What floor is the Eiffel Tower restaurant on? ›

But the 2nd floor is also a treat for your taste buds with our Michelin-starred restaurant, the Jules Verne. It is also home to shops and dining options for the whole family.

How much do you spend on dining out? ›

The average American dines out 5.9 times per week and according to BLS data, the average household spends about $3,500 on eating out every year, or just shy of $300 per month.

Why is dining out so expensive? ›

Thanks to the cost of labor, goods sold, marketing and advertising, real estate occupancy, maintenance and repairs, insurance and daily administrative costs, that kind of markup is necessary for restaurants to turn a profit — and that's why it costs so much to go out to eat.

How much is tasting menu at Providence LA? ›

Providence offers three menus during dinner service—the Providence Tasting Menu ($120), Signature & Seasonal Menu ($185), and Chef's Tasting Menu ($220).


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