Top Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows in 2022 - VIVAHR (2023)

Top Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows in 2022 - VIVAHR (1)Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows and How They’re Important to Your Business

Electrical conferences are some of the top sought out professional conferences every year. Home service professionals look to trade shows and industry-focused conferences to stay up to date on education, laws, and vendor offerings. Every year, just in the USA, there are 100+ Electrical trade shows and conferences built to help you understand new processes, tools, and tricks of the trade. Local and national Electrical trade shows can be the difference to learn trade insights and product innovations. Many business owners in the Electric industry attend these conferences as an investment to keep a pulse on competition and changes in the Electical industry.

Knowing the latest and greatest tools, supplies and vendors is only one portion of the value you can gain while attending a trade show for Electricians. Many of the educational speakers will share tips and advice on the business side of your Electrician company. Understanding safety, innovation, business management, routing, and managing employees are always key topics at an Electrical conference.

Staying up to date with the most recent methods, discoveries, and technology is important to any job in any industry. To be the best, time and research must be done to increase understanding and effectiveness. To help you never stop learning, we’ve put together the top trade shows and events for Electricians around the nation.

VIVAHR will be attending many of the electrical conferences listed below. Be sure to come to say “hi” and pick up some swag 🙂

Electrical Trade Shows & Conferences in 2022

APEC- Applied Power Electronics Conference

Date: March 20-24, 2022

Location: Houston, TX

Please note that APEC intends to return to a fully in-person format in 2022, with no virtual attendance options at this time. We hope you will join us in Houston, March 20-24, 2022 at the George R. Brown Convention Center!

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Associated Builders and Contractors 2022 Convention

Location: San Antonio, TX

Date: March 15, 2022 – March 17, 2022

ABC Convention 2022 is back and bigger than ever. Join us in San Antonio for thought-leader content focused on helping contractor members improve their businesses and bottom lines. Enjoy the celebrations and networking that ABC Convention is known for. From the National Craft Championships and the Construction Management Competition to the National Excellence in Construction® Awards Gala, the very best of the merit shop will be front and center. This is THE event for merit shop construction, and you don’t want to miss it!

ENSC- Electrical Network Systems Conference

Date: September 12-15, 2022

Location: Houston, TX

Engineers, supervisors, field personnel, maintenance leaders, and others involved with underground network systems. These professionals will join their peers for topics and discussion.

2021 HPC National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show

Date: April 11-14, 2022

Location: Nashville, TN

We’re back in person for the 2022 National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show, April 11-14, 2022 in Nashville, TN. We look forward to gathering for four days of educational content, networking opportunities, industry updates, and more.

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As always, safety continues to be our number one priority. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will be required for entry to the conference. Read our full COVID-19 Response Plan here.

SEPA -Smart Electric Power Association

Date: May 2-4, 2022

Location: Portland, OR

Utility Conference is the premier event for utility and solutions provider professionals responsible for clean energy programs, projects, and technologies. You’ll leave with actionable solutions for utility transformation, rather than wading through sales pitches and politics. Get the tools and expertise to accelerate the smart transition to a clean and modern grid.

The 2022 experience includes:

  • Interactive education including cohort, or group-based learning
  • Flexible, worry-free registration with our thoughtful cancellation policy. View details.
  • Peer-to-peer focused learning
  • Lessons learned and best practices from industry leaders

Lightfair Trade Show and Conference

Date: June 19 – 23, 2022

Location: Las Vegas, NV

All the new products, technologies, networking, and ideas you need to advance your career are in one unforgettable experience. Taking place in the heart of Las Vegas, LightFair 2022 is the must-attend architectural and commercial lighting event.

NECA -National Electrical Contractors Association

Date: October 15 – 18, 2022


Location: Austin, TX

We are so excited to be bringing NECA back together again, in-person, this fall in Austin for the NECA Convention & Trade Show, Oct. 15-18, 2022. Registration will open in June.

In addition, NECA 2022 Austin will be offering a virtual solution for those unable to travel.

Be assured that we will be taking every precaution to ensure NECA 2022 Austin is done safely. We will have more detailed updates as we get closer to the event.

Making The Most of Your Electrical trade show and conference Experience

  • Top Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows in 2022 - VIVAHR (3)Build your wish-list: Before you go, make sure you create your list of key questions you’re facing right now in your business, industry, team. These can be your talking points while meeting with peers or during Q&A time at the end of speaker presentations. It can also help keep you focused in the exhibitor area, knowing who you should spend your time talking to.
  • Is there a conference app? Find out if there is a conference app. Download it before you go to see the latest announcements and potential peers, mentors you can meet up with. The best relationships are built outside the Electrical conference. Find out where the after parties and peer dinner groups are meeting. WiFi is not always a sure thing at the venue. Make sure you download the app before you go.
  • Get your Twitter account ready – A lot of the conference chatter happens via a Twitter hashtag thread. Find out what the conference hashtag will be, save it in your search preferences in your Twitter mobile app.
  • Engage. These events are so much better when you can share what you’ve learned, insights, and tips with other landscaping professionals. Great way to see who else is attending and who you may want to follow on Twitter for post-event conversations and networking.
  • Block out time for meetings. The relationships you make will be better than the presenter’s message (sorry speakers! I know you agree though 🙂 Find time in the conference schedule to have one on one coffee connections or lunch meetings. Get to know other professionals. Many people take the time to build support groups or masterminds with other Electrician professionals. Allows them to have a trusted community of contacts to share ideas and grow alongside.
  • Take advantage of the early-bird sessions. The more well-known speakers are scheduled during the meat & potatoes time slots of the conference. However, some of my favorite sessions during professional conferences have happened during the pre-conference time slots. The ‘up and comers’ are speaking and put a TON into their presentations. Don’t overlook the newbies to the speaking scene.

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Top Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows in 2022 - VIVAHR (5)


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Top Electrical Conferences and Trade Shows in 2022 - VIVAHR (6)

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Types Of Electrical Conference Educational Content

  • Education on Power Grids and Solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Sustainability and low Carbon Solutions
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Success
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Training and Development

Each of these categories of learning content at an Electrical conference will educate you around the current pain points you may be facing. Some of the larger conferences will have breakout sessions for each of these categories, but you will gather more depth at a dedicated conference educating around a very specific niche.

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